Preparing Your Roof for Winter

With the winter fast approaching, we feel it's appropriate to offer some tips on preparing your roof for the heavy snows that are sure to come our way. As people across the country head south for the winter, we are reminded how winter weather has its way of taking a toll on our homes and commercial properties throughout Tacoma and the state. So, as the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Tips on helping your roof through the winter:

  • Check the exterior walls for any signs of cracks, leaks, or stains in brick or missing mortar. If you seal these open conditions, it will provide a weather-tight seal for the building, keeping warm air in and cold, harsh weather out.
  • Check the ceiling and interior walls for any signs of leaks (stains). It's better to seal all roof leaks before the weather gets too bad. Once the rooftop becomes covered with ice and snow, it will be next to impossible to find those bothersome roof leaks.
  • Check all penetrations on the roof; for example, vent pipes, and pipe boots. Also check chimney flashings, brick and mortar joints. If there is a point where air or water infiltration can occur, it needs to be restored to a properly sealed condition to avoid contamination.
  • Clear all gutters, scuppers, and downspouts. Clean out all drains and make sure they are working properly. You also want to check all strainers and clamping rings. If you have a drainage problem during the winter months, it can become a harbinger for future roof failure. Plus, if the gutter system isn't functioning properly, the weight of the water can cause the system to loosen the attachment of the guttering to the structure. You want to be sure that all drainage water moves freely.
  • Check for any tears or holes in the roof membrane and have them repaired promptly.
  • Check the base flashing and counter flashing attachments. If snow accumulates on the roof over the flashings, the roof can leak.

For commercial properties, it's important to have some areas of the rooftop accessible at all times; therefore, it's a good idea to have several thick brush brooms accessible at a moment's notice to remove ice or snow if you have to make a trip to a rooftop machine.

Remember, only trained roof technicians should remove snow from the roof; they are specifically trained in removing snow without damaging the roof's surface.

To arrange for a free rooftop inspection from one of our highly trained Tacoma roofers, contact Tristate today! As the winter weather approaches, we can ensure that your roof is ready for whatever Mother Nature brings this season!

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