Enjoy the View Better, Avoid Seattle Window Replacement Mistakes

Over time, windows will deteriorate and it won’t be long before you they lead to drafts inside your home, or to difficulty opening and closing them. While you can try to have them repaired, windows in Seattle homes are generally better off being replaced to address lingering issues completely. If you’re worried about the cost though, there are many advantages to window replacement that offset the expenditure:

Enjoy the View Better, Avoid Seattle Window Replacement Mistakes

Energy Savings
Single-pane windows allow heat and cold into a home more easily, driving up the cost of heating and cooling. Replacement windows can be double- or triple-paned, providing better insulation and reducing energy costs.

Standard windows in houses tend to slide horizontally. Replacement windows could be single or double hung, opening and closing vertically, and in the case of double hung, allowing you to open the window at the top or bottom.

The purchase of new windows can increase the house’s value through the improved appearance and energy savings. A home that is worth more should sell for more, and gives you more equity when you borrow money.

As the article states, getting new windows not only spruces up your home’s aesthetic value; it pays for itself over time too, making it one of the wisest home improvements you can make. Don’t get carried away by the excitement, though, or you’re liable to commit these mistakes:

Making Price the Deciding Factor

Like most people looking for new windows, you want to score a bargain on them too. However, resist the urge to be penny wise and don’t replace your windows just for the sake of replacing them. Choose the windows style that best complements your home and offers the greatest energy efficiency even if they cost a bit more.

Going Off-brand

There are reasons why manufacturers like Pella are the go-to options for both homeowners and window contractors alike— excellent product quality, endless design choices, and extensive warranty coverage. Yes, off-brand windows cost less but they don’t have the backing of leading manufacturers either, making them a riskier alternative.

Installing them Yourself

Choosing the perfect windows is just half the equation; they have to be installed properly too for optimal performance. Doing the installation yourself or entrusting it to an amateur contractor will compromise both the windows’ utility and warranty, so make sure to call on Seattle window replacement experts like Tristate Roofing for the job.

(Article Information and Excerpt from The Advantages of Replacement Windows, eHow.com)

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