Replacing Your Roof? Heed These Tips from a Seattle Roofing Expert

While most people look forward to home improvements like kitchen remodeling, many groan at the prospect of replacing their roofs; however, if a roof is nearing its 20th birthday or if inclement weather badly damaged it, folks might not have a choice but to replace their Seattle roofing. After all, a failing roof not only endangers your possessions but your family’s well-being as well. Don’t despair though; this article from highlights the upside of getting a new roof:

Replacing Your Roof - Heed These Tips from a Seattle Roofing Expert

A re-roofing project is the perfect time for you to decide if you want to change the look of your roof and maybe even take on a wholesale face lift for your house. You can choose to re-roof using new asphalt shingles, and in many cases you can get asphalt shingles that come in different colors. You may want a different look with wood shingles, clay tiles, or even suggests considering a rubber or metal sheet roof for something really different. You have a lot of options when it comes to roofing materials, so take your time and see if you want to change the way your house looks with a different kind of roofing material.

So take heart, homeowners: re-roofing not only addresses all your current roofing problems but also breathes new life into your house’s curb appeal. Before proceeding though, read these tips from the Seattle and Tacoma roofing experts over at Tristate Roofing:

Hire a Contractor

Replacing a few shingles shouldn’t be any trouble for most homeowners; however, replacing an entire roof is too massive a job even for the most eager DIY enthusiast. You’re liable to install materials incorrectly, which invalidates their warranty, and there’s no telling when you’ll get the job done. Rely on trusted contractors instead for skilful and prompt installation.

Choose Materials Wisely

As the article mentions above, there are plenty of roofing materials to choose from. Nonetheless, don’t make aesthetics the only consideration; take into account other factors like longevity, maintenance requirements, and cost before taking your pick. Stay away from off-brand products too; their attractive price point may belie the fact that they’re made of inferior materials.

Stay Somewhere Else

Your whole roof will be torn off during the project so you may have to stay at a nearby hotel or stay with relatives until your new roof is ready. Still, drop by every now and then to supervise the contractor’s progress and to address any problems that might arise.

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