Your Roof Replacement & The New Tax Code

If you’ve been looking for an incentive to replace your old, worn-out, commercial roof, then you may have just received the push you’ve been looking for, and not from where you may have expected it. The new tax code which passed into law in late December 2017 has changed how roofing costs are classified, including for business and property owners. Let’s take a brief look at how the new tax code works and how it may open up a considerable amount of capital for improvements to your building.


Under the previous tax code, roof services were classified in two different ways. Replacement costs were considered a “capital expenditure,” which means they depreciated over time like your computers, office furniture, and other assets do. Minor roof repairs, such as leak fixes, were considered “expenses” and therefore could be written off for that year’s taxes.

Under the new tax code, all roofing repairs, including replacement, is now considered expensable, meaning building owners could write the cost off on their taxes for the year. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for property owners, who now have an incentive to spend on their property and invest in its condition, knowing that they could reap a huge tax benefit for doing so.

New builders can also benefit as well. Because the roof over the building is now considered expensable, property owners have an even bigger incentive to invest in a more durable roof for their property. When you consider that vacancies in any commercial and industrial building markets are still low, this should create an environment that rapidly starts attracting new tenants.

Invest in Your Roof!

This is a particularly huge benefit for those who own industrial buildings that have features like skylights, smoke vents that may be leaky. The flashing around these areas usually wears out after several years, cracking and developing leaks that can cause property damage, safety hazards, and more. If this sounds like a problem you’re having, then the new tax code is just what you’ve been looking for—the cost of new skylights and smoke vents is also expensable along with your roof replacement.

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