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Quality Skylights For Better Lighting

Are you spending a too much money to lighting? If so, skylights are an efficient and cost-effective way to allow natural light into your home or business. Not only are there plenty of environmental benefits, but installing a skylight may also increase the value of your home or building.

At Tristate, we provide state-of-the-art skylight technologies and exceptional installation services. Whether you want skylights equipped with light controls or skylights which close automatically when it starts to rain, our Seattle roofers possess the proper training and experience to fulfill your lighting needs.

Advantages of Skylight Installation

While the majority of people believe skylights are an expensive investment which only serves the purpose of providing more light into your home or business, there many advantages to having a skylight installed.

Benefits of installing skylights include:

  • Thermal comfort and ventilation
  • Reduces the need for air conditioning during the year
  • Better lighting
  • Removes excess heat, moisture and odors
  • Healthy, natural sunlight exposure in your property

Skylight Options

We offer our clients an array of alternatives in regards to skylights. Our team is equipped with venting skylights and pane skylights insulated with argon gas. We are capable of using low-emissivity coatings on our skylights to transform them into the most energy-efficient panes in the industry. Along with several other budget-friendly brands, we provide Velux skylight products to our customers. The skylights involve three layers of water protection, high visible light transmittance and improved solar heat gain performance.

Velux products are associated with the following:

  • 10-year installation warranty
  • 20-year warranty on the glass
  • 10-year warranty on the product
  • 5-year warranty on the blinds and controls

Solar Tubes Alternative

If you want to allow natural light into your homes, but you feel that skylights won’t work well in your space, consider solar tubes as an option. These tubes are able to effectively and evenly illuminate any room compared to a traditional skylight, including space which don’t have direct roof access.

Solar tubes enables users to avoid using electric lights throughout the day, saving hundreds of dollars on utility bills. We offer a variety of various solar tubes with decorative fixtures, which includes 10-year warranties to guarantee a product that lasts and endures any kind of inclement weather.

Excellent Service, Excellent Rate in Seattle

Our professional team only uses the best quality materials to create marvelous, satisfactory projects. We are GAF Master Elite Contractors. If you are interested in skylight installation or solar tube installation, call our Seattle roofing company immediately. We possess the experience and skill necessary to make your home improvement dreams come to light.

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