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Roofing Manufacturer Warranties

HouseIn today’s world of roof sales everyone is pushing manufacturer warranties. Although your shingles may be covered by a 30 or 40-year warranty, most of these long-term warranties are prorated after the first few years. They may cover 100% of the replacement cost of defective shingles for five or ten years. But after that, many warranties cover only a dwindling percentage of the cost.

The scale slides very quickly when it comes to the amount a homeowner with a prorated warranty may receive from a shingle manufacturer. A warranty like that doesn’t give the customer much satisfaction. Even if you are one of the rare homeowners whose roof fails due to defective shingles, getting reimbursed for a dozen bad shingles won’t take the edge off the cost of repairing your roof. The shingles are not the most expensive part of any roofing job — the labor is.

Warranties From Roofers Can Make A Difference

Typical shingle warranties only pay homeowners when the shingles are found to have a manufacturer’s defect — an occurrence that is rare, the shingles aren’t usually to blame for roof problems. Most roofs that fail during the warranty period do so because they were installed incorrectly. Since the roofer is more likely to cause a problem than the shingles are, a written guarantee from a reputable local roofer is your best chance of getting a roof problem fixed.

Guarantees are good and you deserve one on your new roof. You should know, however, that a guarantee is only as good as the company that offers it. It won’t make any difference if the guarantee says 100 years or 1 year, if the company is not in business your guarantee is worthless. It may be worth paying more for a roofer who provides a solid written guarantee If you’re replacing your roof to make the house more attractive to prospective buyers, a transferable roof guarantee may make the deal even sweeter for the next owner. You should also remember that when you buy your roof, you are also buying the guarantee. There are costs in living up to the promises guarantees make and those costs must be included in the price.

Where Tristate Shines

sidingExperience does count. We average 30-40 roof installs a month and have been installing roofs for years. We are also GAF Master Elites which there are currently only a handful in the state of Washington, and in the USA less than 3% of roof companies qualify for this status.

What this means to you is the labor and material is covered by the manufacturer instead of the roofing contractor for the life of your roof. We also are IKO Shield Plus Pro Contractors, which is limited to a very exclusive group of contractors in the state of Washington. Only a handful of companies qualify for being able to offer additional warranty perks to you. Overall we offer a superior written guarantee.

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