Living in Seattle, you are no stranger to the frequent rain. Constant exposure to these wet conditions can wreak havoc on your roof in the form of roof rot, leaks, and premature wear of shingles.

As a homeowner, you want to protect your investment by making sure you know the early warning signs of a roof that may need repairs. Tristate Roofing, a Seattle roofing company, can help you every step of the way from identifying potential problems to full on roof replacements. In this article, we’re going to walk you through five of the easiest ways to tell that you need a new roof so you can recognize a problem before it is too late.

1.  Leaks

Finding a leak during one of Seattle’s many rainy days is the last thing you want to deal with. While most homeowners think the repair needs to happen right above the leak, this is not always the case.

When there is a leak from your roof, the water can travel down the inside of the roof, onto framing, and travel down to the lowest point. This could be a foot away or ten feet away and the best way to find it is to get one of our qualified Seattle roofers to your house immediately to locate the source of the leak.

2. Weather Damage

After a hail storm or a strong storm with high wind gusts, you always want to check your roof for any damaged or missing shingles. Hail can seriously damage a roof depending on the size and severity of the storm. This can leave dents and damages on all parts of your roof, including the rain gutters.

High winds can also cause damage to shingles by blowing or pulling them off of your roof. A really bad storm could mean a full roof replacement for you and your neighbors.

3. Roof Sagging/Structural Problems

The constant wet weather of the Seattle area is known to cause roof rot and rotting of the roof sheathing, which can cause your roof to sag. Roof sagging and rot can also happen if there are framing issues plaguing the home as well, due to shoddy construction or old homes in need of renovation.

Roof rot and sagging can be identified easily from a quick visual check either from the ground, or from your rooftop. If you spot signs of sagging, rotting, or other issues due to structural problems or damage, you’ll likely need immediate attention from a roofing professional to evaluate the situation.

4. Shingle Deterioration

If you have ever cleaned out your gutter, you have most likely noticed shingle granules at the bottom of the gutters. These granules look like little rocks and are what make up the face of your asphalt shingles.

Now, there’s no need to panic if you do see these in your gutters. It’s actually quite common for shingles to naturally lose granules over time, so much of the granules and particles you see in gutters will be normal. What you are looking for are shingles that are noticeably missing large patches of granules, which is a sign of shingle deterioration. These will need to be replaced as soon as possible to fully protect your roof.

5. Missing Shingles

While it may seem like a no brainer, it’s worth mentioning that missing shingles should never be ignored. While a few missing shingles may not seem like a big deal, the fact of the matter is that this turn into a bigger problem very quickly, especially in a season of bad weather and frequent rain. One lost shingle can lead to the loss of surrounding shingles in the next big wind or rain storm, so making sure to repair each missing piece is vital to the protection of your entire roof.

Since 2004, Tristate Roofing has been a leader in Seattle roof repairs. Our team of over 50 highly trained and skilled workers not only do roof replacements, we also install windows, doors, and gutters to give your home a complete makeover. Our Seattle roofing company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to give you the ultimate peace of mind you need to invest in your home securely and confidently.

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