Being a homeowner requires staying on top of home maintenance, and that includes everything from lawn care to ensuring your home’s major features stay up to date. If your windows are outdated, you’re putting additional wear and tear on your HVAC system and paying too much in heating and cooling costs.

The savings when upgrading to high-performance replacement windows can be significant with a typical homeowner realizing savings of nearly $500 a year—and many save even more. While these savings are reason enough to invest in new windows, there are many other benefits of this upgrade as well.

Improved Insulation
The insulation on today’s windows is extremely effective at keeping the temperature even throughout your rooms and eliminating annoying hot and cold spots.

Environmentally Responsible
Lower energy use equates to a lower carbon footprint. That’s good for more than your budget—it’s also good for the environment.

UV Protection
Over time, the sun’s rays that enter through your windows can cause damage to artwork, carpeting, and other objects. Most energy-efficient house windows feature a coating that blocks up to 98% of harmful UV rays.

Style Upgrade:In addition to the energy savings, you’ll also enjoy enhanced curb appeal when you upgrade your windows. Many styles are available, so it’s easy to find an option to suit every space in your home. 

Choose from:

·  Casement Windows: Introduce lots of fresh air into your space with casement windows, which open wider than some other styles.

·  Double-Hung Windows: The traditional look of double-hung windows makes them a popular choice.

·  Sliding Windows: Sliding windows are easy to operate with one hand, making them an ideal choice for a hard-to-reach spot.

·  Garden Windows: Enjoy growing herbs and other small plants all year in a stylish garden window.

·  Bay Windows: Add interior charm and exterior appeal with a beautiful bay window.

·  Awning Windows: These windows, which are hinged at the top and swing out to open, are perfect for Seattle as you can leave them open even when it’s raining.

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