Long-Term Warranties for Your Remodel

When you invest in renovations for your home, you naturally want to enjoy the additional peace of mind that comes with a product warranty. Tristate Roofing understands the need for a lasting, durable warranty that customers can count on in the event that their roof, windows, gutters, or doors are damaged. As a result, we only use brands that offer robust product warranties to help protect you in the event of a system failure—or even just a simple defect.

Depending on the products that you select, you'll likely receive a guarantee that ranges from a few years up to a limited lifetime warranty. Our contractors will go over the documentation with you, so you’ll understand completely what is covered and the length of the exact warranty period.

As GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors and IKO ShieldPRO plus+ Contractors, we're part of an exclusive group of remodelers in Washington. Our team has been extensively trained before being certified by these brands as able to provide superior roof installation services. Our expert status also gives us the opportunity to offer additional warranty perks to customers. When you invest your trust in us, we'll make sure that you receive a superior written guarantee that you can rely on.

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